Be Inspired

Be Inspired

Lent is the season in the Christian calendar leading up to the death and resurrection of Jesus. It provides an opportunity for Christians to reflect on our journey together, asking important questions about our commitment to the selfless way of Christ and to one another.


Our theme for Lent this year is Courage, inspired by a quote from CS Lewis:


“Courage is not simply one of the virtues,
but the form of all virtues at their testing point.”



Download resources including video and PowerPoint prayers for your congregation to use during Lent Event.



Bible Studies


A series of 5 theological reflections on courage from Moderators of the Uniting Church. 



Bread for the Road


Inspiration and encouragement direct to your inbox, several times a week.




“It takes courage to love… to hope….to work for justice.”  Our partners all over the world, but especially in Timor Leste, know what it is to find the strength to love, hope and work for justice against the odds.
Begin the Lenten journey with us. 


The eyes of a child are a window to the future of Timor Leste. Amidst poverty, malnutrition and high levels of family violence, our church partners are building hope for the next generation.


When tuberculosis struck Maria, as it does thousands of others in Timor Leste every year, she believed death was only months away. With the support of our clinic, the story has taken a different turn.


Have you ever wondered whether you’d have the courage to engage in a project partnership with another country?  Glebe Road Uniting Church in Queensland decided to find out.


Rosita is sixty eight and walks forty minutes each way, several times a day, to fill jerry cans of water for her home from a stream down the hill. The best part of  her month is the visit from the local clinic staff, who keep her in touch with the outside world.