Albert leads a team of healthworkers educating families in remote areas to save lives


“I believe God called me to lead this team and to do what I can to build up my country,” he says.


Same is green, mountainous and serene. Thirty years ago, families retreated to these hills; men and women defending their homeland against occupiers were supplied with food and hidden by locals.


Today, in a community without running water or electricity, Rosita walks twenty minutes to fill her jerry can with water at a nearby stream. She walks another forty into town to bring back basics like oil, rice and fuel for their stoves.


Dogs, pigs and chickens – highly valued – share simple, one room structures with their families. When it rains, often for weeks at a time, mud sweeps into these homes and the animals climb onto the higher wooden structures that serve as beds for their owners.


“We look forward so much to the visits from Albert and the team, they give us hope,” says Rosita. “They’re teaching us so much about how to be healthy, to make sure our water is clean, and to keep the animals from our beds because of disease. They showed us how to build our own toilet, taught us about birth control and how to find better food. Our children are much healthier and our lives so much better now. Every month we wait for them to come!”  Watch stories of change from the project here.


Idea for action


Ask people to sponsor you to live without something you take for granted during Lent – like your car, hot water, electrical items, social media, caffeine, or takeaway food. Visit our webpage for ideas and support in your fundraising. $500 can support health workers like Albert and his team for a month in Same.