Albino is a pastor leading teams of teachers and healthworkers on behalf of the church


“I remember the feeling of the gun against my temple and I thought then that I would die. But somehow in this, God is faithful and the soldiers let me go.”


Albino is one of only a small number of Pastors with our partner, the Protestant Church of Timor Leste (IPTL).  During the Indonesian occupation, he was torn between leaving his beloved homeland for the safety of the west, and staying to look after his flock, continuing to give shelter to those who opposed the occupiers.


“I love my country and I wanted to see us free and growing,” Albino says. “When the soldiers came for me in the night, one of them knew me and told the others I was a good man. In the end, they didn’t take me away, but those years were so hard.”


Rev Albino, who is now head of Fusona, the Social Services arm of IPTL responsible for looking after schools and health clinics, has a passion to build the spiritual strength of his people. He believes that faith and forgiveness are key to the future of Timor Leste.


“We lost so many during the Occupation and with so many people my age unable to read or write, leadership is a big problem for us.” Albino says. “But I was freed to serve my people, and that is what my life has been about.”


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Ideas for action:


Host a bible study and make use of our resources to learn more about courage from our Uniting Church State Moderators and our overseas partners. Spend time praying for faith leaders in Australia and among our neighbours.