Maria survived tuberculosis and is now keeping her family safe from disease

Tuberculosis kills thousands in Timor Leste every year, but with the support of our local partner clinic here in Same (Sarmay), Maria defied the odds. She and her six children welcomed us into their home to tell a tale of determination and courage, fuelled by the love of family and the knowledge of a God who does not walk away.  Watch Maria’s story here. 


Maria’s children, meanwhile, were keen to share a meal with us. Later we discovered the corn they served us was all they had to feed themselves for the week. We gave the Clinic money to buy them supplies, and they assured us they’re supporting the family as they’re able. But the Clinic isn’t a welfare project, and eating with a family who literally live meal to meal and yet still wanted to share, is an enduring image of the courage and faith of many in Timor Leste.


Idea for action


Host a meal with your church family during or at the conclusion of Lent. Cook simple East Timorese food, show one or two of our videos and spend time together praying for the people of Timor Leste. Sell tickets or ask people to donate the cost of the meal to provide the kind of health care support that helped save Maria’s life.