Timor Leste Health

Timor Leste Health & WASH project

The Project:


Timor Leste is the poorest nation in Southeast Asia. After decades of occupation and the struggle for independence, tuberculosis is the leading cause of death with diarrhoea not far behind. The country also has one of the highest rates in the world of malnutrition among children. There’s a huge need for health education, especially around water and sanitation.


Two clinics in remote areas provide health and nutrition education to some of Timor Leste’s most isolated families. They teach about basic hygiene, the importance of clean water and toilets, and provide support for healthy food. This reduces malnutrition and disease and promotes healthy living.


You can help. Your donation can provide life-saving clean water and health education in Timor Leste and beyond. Click here to donate now.

What your donation achieves:


In Timor Leste and beyond, your gift can help save lives as families are supported to recover from diseases like tuberculosis; learn how to access and use clean water; supplement their diets and make healthy choices for the future.